Halloween Costume Ideas for your 18-inch Dolls

I had fun making the girls some pretty Halloween costume this year.  They are definitely excited and ready to go trick or treating.  I made all of their costumes using some of my dress patterns and I am sharing them with you in this post.  I am even giving away free patterns for the accessories (witch hat, bee wings and princess crown) that completed their look.  Feel free to copy my idea and if ever you decide to post it online, I would appreciate if you tag me on Instagram @buzzin_bea or at Facebook or just simply link it to my blog.  

Witch Costume using the Primrose Dress Pattern

Blaire decided to be a witch this year and I used the Primrose Dress pattern for her costume.  The dress was made from a black calico fabric with swirly prints. I added black lace trim on the neckline, waist and sleeve ruffles.  The witch hat was made from premium felt paper and I added orange bow to complete the look.  

Download the hat pattern.

Download the Primrose Dress pattern.

Bee Costume made with Puffy Dress Pattern

Courtney is a cute bee for Halloween this year.  Her dress has bee and flower prints on it.  It was made using the Puffy Dress pattern. I used black pipe cleaners and foam balls to make her antennae.  For the wings, I used a white felt paper and added black trim around it.  

Download the bee wings pattern.

Download the Puffy Dress pattern.

Princess Costume made with Lupine Dress Pattern

Gabby went for a princess costume this Halloween.  The dress was made using the Lupine Dress pattern.  I added 1 inch in length to the skirt pattern and used tulle to overlay the skirt and sleeves as well.  Gold trims were also sewn on the sleeves and waist to make her gown more regal. I used a gold glittery paper to make the crown.

Download the Lupine Dress pattern. 

Download the crown pattern.

And here are the girls together, ready to go treat or trick.  Happy Halloween 2022!