Dahlia Romper - A Cute Fun Style for your 18-inch Dolls

Dress up your doll in this cute Dahlia Romper! It's a piece of apparel that blends the comfort of shorts with the simplicity of a dress. You can opt to wear the romper alone or add the sheer overskirt for a more feminine vibe.  

In this photo above, Lea is out for the day for a bike ride, wearing the Dahlia Romper with chiffon skirt overlay. This is version A of the romper.

In this photo above, Samira is sporting a cute Dahlia romper with white belt as she rollerblades gracefully, such a beautiful shot! This is version B of the Dahlia Romper pattern.   Both of these two photos above were taken by @agkameo at Instagram. 

The Dahlia romper is a combination of short and top sewn together to make a single piece. It has a neck strap that ties behind the head and a halter-style bodice. Its tight fit makes a flattering silhouette for the body, and its short length allows for more versatility.  

If you want to make a simpler version of the romper, you can use ready-made lace ruffles such as this one I made on Grace.

In this photo, I used a quilting cotton fabric for the overskirt and it draped beautifully.  Combined with the white off-shoulder top, it gives a nice, feminine feel. The overskirt may be worn separately and knotted around the waist to complete the look.

Photos above are more versions of version B.  The ruffles on shoulders give it a stylish o-the-go- look and the the belt adds more definition to the waist.  

How cute are these Dahlia Rompers.  These were made by Jessica of @hoschposchreations on Instagram.

The Dahlia romper works well in both the spring and summer seasons. You can download the pattern here.



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