Wildflower Dress - An Off Shoulder 18 inch doll clothes patterns

18 inch Doll PDF Sewing Pattern

This wildflower dress features a mix of dainty and fun aspects, similar to what a wildflower represents. The neckline is made sweet because of its adorable ruffles. It’s off-shoulder style also adds to its charm and will definitely make your American Girl Doll look extra delightful.

This pattern is made for confident beginner and can be made with a 1/2 yard of fabric.  For more information on how to download this pattern, check out this link - Wildflower Dress for 18" Dolls.

The sleeves and skirt of this dress also have ruffled edges. And long halter straps tied at the back of your American Girl Doll’s nape hold the dress up in the flirtiest yet daintiest way. Add a floppy hat and some pretty platform sandals for her accessories and she’s good to go!

A more festive look will have you make use of bright-colored fabric, perhaps in red floral print. Keep the off-shoulder style, but instead of the long halter-style straps, make them in simple medium-thick shoulder straps. Make the dress stand out by adding a contrasting black edge. To knock this look out of the park, pair the dress with casual accessories such as flat sandals and a bright red flower hair pin.

Lastly, if you want to up the charm and flirty vibe of the wildflower dress, you can make a two-piece version of it. The cropped top will have a ruffled 3/4 sleeves. And the skirt will still have the same charming and adorable ruffles at the edges. Add more floral accessories like floral sandals and a flower hair clip to just really make your doll look attractive and fun-loving.

You can actually make all versions of the wildflower dress! That way, your American Girl Doll can wear a wildflower dress all the days of the week! You can even use different fabric prints, you’re not limited to using floral ones. Imagine making this in a pretty gingham fabric pattern, or a delectable cherry print! It would definitely be a cute outfit for your American Girl Doll!

Check out the pattern for all the versions and styles. Prepare your fabric and materials, your measurements and of course, you phone or camera so that you can take lots of pictures of your girl when your done with her wildflower dress.

Have fun!

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