Rosa Dress - Sweetheart Ruffled Dress Pattern for your 18 inch Dolls

The Rosa Dress may look fancy but it is actually simple to make.  Even better, there are several variations that you can do with this pattern to make your doll clothes unique every time.  

Its two styles, Dress A and Dress B, have the same sweetheart neckline with faux princess seams, the same waistband style, and a two-layer ruffled skirt. The only difference is that Dress A has pleated straps that can be unfolded to cover the arms, while Dress B has flat straps and puffy off-shoulder sleeves.

Here are some of the dresses I have made using the Rosa Dress pattern. One of the best things about Dress A is how quickly and effortlessly you can switch it from a laid-back weekend look to a sophisticated special occasion dress.

If you are feeling adventurous and would like to play with fabric prints, you can recreate this style of dress pictured above.  This dress used two types of fabric prints and both have the same vintage floral vibe. The skirt and straps are constructed from the same pink floral fabric, while the bodice and waistband used a fabric with smaller floral prints.  These mixed floral prints are definitely a match made in heaven, it looks so chic!

If you are not into mixing prints, here's no reason to make things more complicated than they need to be. I have made these Rosa dresses several times just by using the same fabric all throughout.  In fact, yellow seems to be my favorite color for this style. These dresses just look so bright and cheery.

This tulle dress is another bestseller in my Etsy shop.  Most of my customers say it's the perfect dress for Easter.

The original dress was designed to be made as a dress but you can easily turn it into a skirt and top version.  In this example below,  I used a gingham for the top and tie dyed fabric style fabric for the skirt.

Here are some dresses made using the Dress B variation of this pattern.  This style has a simpler flat strap and has puffy sleeves on the arm.


I hope these photos inspired you to make your own Rosa Dress for your doll.  You can get the pattern here.

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